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Pool Program

Questions, comments or concerns regarding pool programs please contact Michelle Stamm at mstamm@lssd.ca or 204-785-7310.

We hope you enjoy your experience.

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General Information

The Selkirk Community Pool is operated by the Lord Selkirk School Division. The only one of its kind in Manitoba. The 29.5 meter pool is divided at 25 meters with a bulkhead. The shallow end is 34" deep and deep end is 12' deep with a 1 m and 3 m diving board. We are home, for the past 35 years, to the Selkirk Royals Water Polo Team and Selkirk Dolphins Swim Team. We offer Red Cross Swim Lessons and Lifesaving Bronze Lifeguarding certification.

All swimmers ages 7 and up must change in their gender specific change rooms.

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Important Information:  Selkirk Community Pool

Supervising Staff, Lifeguard and Swim Instructors have full authority to enforce all pool rules and regulations.

Refund Policy: Refunds less Cost of program $15.00 admin fee for  classes patrons are cancelling out of 3 days prior to the start of the first class. No refund within 3 days of the start of class.

Please be sure to contact the pool office if your contact information has changed.

*Please note: Parent viewing is NOT allowed on Pool Deck. Parents welcome in upstairs viewing gallery.

NO Photos of the pool or swimmers is allowed from upper viewing area.

Children 7 years old and over MUST change in their gender specific change rooms.

Swimmers registered in the “Parent Assisted” preschool classes or still in diapers MUST wear aquatic approved diapers “Little Swimmers”.

Swimmers registered in the “Non Parented” Preschool and Swim Kids 1 classes MUST be 36 ” tall to the arm pit.

Public Access Times Pool is open to Lap Swimmers, Aquafit and soon Swimming lessons.

Pool open for Public, Open Swim, Lap swim .

Weekdays, Early Bird Lap Swim, Lap Swim, Open Swim, Aquafit, Rentals,

Pool Rentals The pool is available on a first come /first serve basis for birthday parties, windups and private functions from 3:00 pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. The rate is $115 per hour plus GST. This includes 2 lifeguards. For rentals, please contact Michelle at 204-785-7310 or email mstamm@lssd.ca

Change rooms Parents of Children 7 years old and over please respect that your child must change in their gender specific change rooms. Limited Locker space is available. Locks are not provided. Participants are advised to bring their own locks and to keep personal items to a minimum. The Lord Selkirk School Division is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Found articles will be held for a time in the lost-and-found.

Use of Photographic Equipment

The use of photographic equipment, including cell phones, is not permitted in the changerooms and the pool area. NO photos are allowed to be taken from the upper viewing area. If you wish to take a photo of your child(ren) please ask the supervising staff on deck.

Pool Fouling and Mechanical breakdown. Occasionally, there is an unfortunate incident in which the pool must be closed because of fouling or mechanical issues.. Health regulations require that we close temporarily to allow for disinfection of the water. Additional classes may be scheduled when fouling’s occur, otherwise classes will be continued on deck (dryland). Please try to have your children eat their meal after swimming or two hours before. if your child is not feeling well do not force them to swim.

Pool Attire – Swimsuits must be worn in the pool; No cotton clothing is to be worn in the pool. – Standard diapers are not allowed. Preschoolers, who are not toilet trained, must wear snug fitting waterproof pants over a cotton diaper or wear specially designed swim diapers or swim pants. – Children in the pool viewing area (upper gym) should be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. – There will be no swimming on Statutory Holidays or School Breaks. – Report Cards and Receipts will be distributed on the last class, if your swimmer is away the last class –  live in the Selkirk Area you will need to pick up the report cards from the pool office. If you live a distance from the pool and would like the card mailed please call the pool office for more information.

Canadian Red Cross We are authorized providers of the Canadian Red Cross Water Safety Services. It is the oldest, most widely used and established program in Canada. The program is a series of 10 progressive levels called Red Cross Swim. If you would like detailed information about the content of each level, please visit the website www.redcross.ca. This program will no longer be offer nation wide as of December 31 2022.

Lifesaving Society We are also an affiliate of the Lifesaving Society and provide some of their programs. The Selkirk Community Pool will be offering the Life Saving Swim 4 Life program beginning the Fall of 2022. The goal of these programs is to reduce drowning through public awareness and training lifesavers and lifeguards. For detailed information please visit the website www.lifesaving.ca